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At The Ehmer Group, we strive to offer the highest level of service to all of our clients, whether we are marketing a property for sale, helping a client to find a property to purchase, negotiating a lease, or assisting a client with a wide range of other tasks.  As a full-service brokerage and consulting company, we pride ourselves on being able to guide our clients through every aspect of the buying and selling process.  We genuinely care about our clients, we believe in providing superior customer service, and always have a “do whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to servicing the transactions that we work on.  Every client receives our best value-add expertise and we are firmly committed to dependability, responsiveness, and attention to detail at every step of the transaction process.  If you are considering buying or selling a hospitality asset, The Ehmer Group would be delighted to work with you.  Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

  • Brokerage

    For every Property that we bring to market, our top priority isto achieve the greatest return for our clients at the lowest level of risk.  We strive to maximize the value of our clients’ assets through direct and aggressive marketing campaigns, maximizing exposure in the marketplace to produce the highest and best offers from the most qualified buyers in the Industry.  The Ehmer Group's entire portfolio of listings is available 24/7 to all buyers and brokers, on our own website, and via other Internet marketing channels such as Hotel Brokers International, LoopNet, CoStar, and The Hotel Inventory.  The relationships we have developed in the commercial real estate industry give us the contacts and network that other firms simply do not have.  We market directly to over 15,000 owners, operators, investors, managements companies, and brokers within the Hospitality industry.

  • Valuation Advice

    The Ehmer Group has over 30 years of experience in providing specialized hotel valuation and consultancy advice.  If you are a Hotel owner looking to sell or purchase a property, or if you are seeking hotel valuation advice for other purposes, such as a refinancing, leasing, taxation, or legal purposes, our specialists can assist you.  Our valuation process involves a detailed review of your Hotel, current market conditions, demand and supply, current financial performance, projections of future income potential, and a thorough review of sales comparables.  We also assist our clients with identifying potential upside opportunities associated with a strategic repositioning, a rebranding of the Property, and/or renovation and improvements that would support an asset’s optimal performance.

  • Consulting

    Around the clock guidance and consulting is always included in our services at The Ehmer Group.  From critical large-scale decisions to minor day-to-day questions, our specialists are here to assist and work with you to provide the best solution.  Whether it’s deciding upon a management company, review of potential rebranding options, negotiation of a lease, or realignment of assets in a portfolio, no issue is too big or too small, The Ehmer Group is here for you.  We advise and consult our clients with the primary goal of maximizing and achieving the full potential for all of the properties they own.

  • Financing

    As a full-service brokerage firm and with expansive lender contacts across the United States, The Ehmer Group is both qualified and experienced in advising our clients on the financing requirements that typically arise during a purchase or sale transaction.  We work directly with you and the lender to ensure the best rates and most favorable financing on your transaction.

  • Client Database

    At The Ehmer Group, our database includes over 15,000 hotel owners, operators, investors, management companies, hotel companies, and brokers. We prepare and package the properties that we list, and aggressively market them to the most active and prominent parties in the industry.  Beyond simple internet marketing, we present deals directly to the deal makers, and reach out by phone and by e-mail to potential buyers and all qualified buyers who express interest in the properties we bring to market.

  • 1031 Exchanges

    At The Ehmer Group, we are accustomed to working with clients who are considering, or are already in, a 1031 exchange scenario.  We regularly represent and advise Sellers of Hospitality assets, as both their listing broker, and then as their Buying broker when 1031 exchanging the sale proceeds into a subsequent transaction.  The Ehmer Group is experienced and capable of quickly and easily finding the answers to the many complicated questions that arise in exchange scenarios.  We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to find you the perfect property for a 1031 exchange, so if you are considering selling your property and hoping to defer capital gains taxes, The Ehmer Group would be honored to assist you with that process, guiding and consulting our clients, whether as sellers or buyers. 

  • Marketing Collateral

    The Ehmer Group's design and marketing team produces professional marketing packages and Offering Memorandums in full-color, with eye-catching and unique designs tailored to each and every one of our exclusive listings.  In addition to the dynamic design of the materials, our marketing collateral efficiently portrays your property and business, by being thorough and to the point, so prospective purchasers can make informed and viable purchase decisions.  We seek to convey all pertinent information about your property in a concise and accurate manner.  We are experts in highlighting the upside to the transaction and any potential opportunities to grow and improve the existing business model.

    If you have any further questions, please give one of our brokers a call at 415-225-5176, or at 415-935-4743.

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